Friday, February 7, 2014

20-2-Life - Twenty-Two-Life (1996)

02-Whateva It Takes
03-Ghetto Life
04-Feel Me 
05-Twenty Two Life 
06-Roofin' It 
07-What We See 
08-Pimp A Hustle (feat. Master P/Mia X/Mo B. Dick) 
09-Shist Individuals 
10-Backstreets (Bonus track) 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Brother Lynch Hung & C-Bo - Blocc Movement (2001)

02-Gangsta (Fuck A Ho') (feat. Kam)
03-Follow My Lead (feat. C.O.S. & Killa Tay)
04-Flippin Chiccens
05-187 On A Hook (feat. Tech N9ne)
06-The Watcher
07-We All Thug (feat. C.O.S. & Tall Cann G)
08-187 On 24th Street
09-Drunken Style
11-Divide (feat. Phats Bossi & C.O.S.)
12-There It Is
13-Down At The Court House (Skit) (feat. Art B)
14-Money - Power - Respect (feat. Spider Loc)
15-The Plot (feat. Zigg Zagg)
16-Where's My Checc (Skit) (feat. Zigg Zagg & Art B)
17-My Papers
18-Kicc The Door In (Skit)
19-Don't Stop (feat. Yukmouth & Spice 1)

OG Daddy V - Orginal Hustla (2011)

02-Westcoast Music
03-Smoke 1 Wit Me (feat. Snoop Dogg & Kurupt)
04-Own Lane
05-Welcome To The West
06-Throw It Up (feat. Squeak Ru & Big2DaBoy & Cisco)
07-Everywhere I Go (Feat. Kokane & Tha Chill & RBX)
08-Daddy V From The CPT
09-Boss Up (feat. Bad Azz & Big Mike)
10-I'm A Hustla
11-The Ching
12-Crackin In Compton (feat. Bigg Rocc & Cuicide)
13-None Of Them
14-What's Wrong With Just Hustlin
15-Neva Give Up

DMG & Daddy V - It's Just A Ghetto Thang (1996)

02-It's Just A Ghetto Thang
03-This is Why We Do
04-Pass That 40 (feat. Mix Master Sprade)
05-Livin in The Ghetto
06-Somethin About My Hood
07-Chronic Prelude
08-I Need Some Paper
09-G Thang (feat. Lariland Fuggin)
11-Driftin Memory
12-Somethin About My Hood (Remix)

Daddy V - The Compton OG (2002)

01-That's My Homeboy
02-Git Down
03-Git Cha Bang On
04-West Coast Mix
05-Bangin In The Back
06-It's The D.O.G
08-Bumpin and Smokin Somethin
09-The Compton OG
10-My Nine
11-Low Ridaz Anthem
12-Twistin On Some Thangz
13-Wut Would You Do
15-That's Gangsta
16-The Phone Call
17-Youz A Hatta

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Young Dre D - Troubled Mind (1996)

01-Beware Of Da Kreep
02-Dirty By My Lonely
03-Sucka Free (feat. Sonya D)
04-Battlefield (feat. J-Mack)
05-Slangin' Again
06-Feel The Power
07-Same Ass Nigga (feat. Versed)
08-Rise & Fall
09-Troubled Mind (feat. Bowlegg's & Nate G)
10-You Don't Wont None A Dis
11-So Much Madness (feat. Rup Dog)
12-My Pistola
13-Meat Rack
14-Thrill Kill
15-Gimme The Kat (feat. Versell)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lil Gangsta P - Meet The Lil Gangsta (1995)

01-Intro: Meet The Lil Gangsta
02-Fortune Fuck The Fame
03-It's Goin Down
04-No Solicitation
05-The War
06-The Firm
07-Get Down On It
08-Town Was Stankin
09-Body Bags
10-Ghetto Star
11-Puttin In Work
12-MB Outro

Monday, January 27, 2014

T-Tee & Playa Fly - It Gets Greater Later (1997)

01-Hard Time In The City
02-Until We Meet Again
04-Smoke On
05.-Player Haters
06-Thugs Cry
07-Smoke On (remix)
08-It Gets Greater Later
09-Story Of My Life 

Playa Fly - Fly Shit (1996)

01-Nappy Hair, Gold Teeth
02-Crownin` Me
03-Playas In Da House
04-Flizy Comin` (Triple Bitch Mafia, Pt. 2)
05-Da Show
06-Let`s Get It Crunk
07-Fly Shit
08-Got Ya Hot
09-Havin` Thangs
10-Work To Do
11-Blow My Mind

Saturday, January 25, 2014

DMG - Rigormortiz (1993)

01-You Don't Hear Me Doe
02-Prelude To A Murdah
03-One In The Chamba
04-Pure Dope, No Cut
05-Kiss Yourself Say Bye Bye
06- I Ain't Bullshittin'
07-Prison Riot
08-Pay The Cost
10-I Don't Fuck You
11-Redt In Peace
12-Send Em Smooth

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mad Clique - Don't Hate Me (2000)

02-Mad Shit (feat. Kaos)
03-Chips Or Whips
04-Who Buck The Hardest
05-G's For Free (Interlude)
06-G's For Free (feat. Cajun Queen)
07-Don't Hate Me Baby (feat. Dilemma)
08-Lyrical Finesse (feat. Jedi)
09-Friends Or Foes (Interlude)
10-Friends Or Foes
11-In It For The Greens (feat. Mahogany)
12-Die Tonight
13-Tongue-Fu (Interlude)
15-One Time
16-The Ill
17-Meet Me On Stage

Kausion - South Central Los Skanless (1995)

01-Grand Theft Auto
02-What You Wanna Do? (feat. Nancy Fletcher & Natasha Walker)
03-O/G's Trippin'
04-Land Of The Skanless
06-Sewed Up
07-Tha Deea
08-Supersperm (feat. K-Dee, Nancy Fletcher & Natasha Walker)
09-Bounce, Rock, Skate
11-Steal At Will
12-16 Times
13-Fat Bitches
14-Click, Click
15-Murdering, Slanging & Scrapin'
16-If It's Alright
17-What That South Central Like (feat. B-Real)

Kokane - Funk Upon A Rhyme (1994)

01-Ridin On The Funk (4:03)
02-Funk From The Back (5:04)
03-Mo Water (5:25)
04-Slow Burnin' 22.5 Fahrenheit (4:27)
05-I Need Representation (4:45)
06-My Day Is Coming (4:41)
07-All Bark And No Bite (5:22)
08-Bakin' Soda Free (4:19)
09-Aftermath (5:15)
10-No Pain No Gain (4:48)
11-Funkinmuffin (5:28)
12-Shots Out (2:26)
13-Shit, Goddamm (4:37)
14-Don't Bite The Phunk (8:44)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Layzie Bone & Young Noble - Thug Brothers (2006)

01-Stand Up
02-Put Me in a Cell
03-Stay on the Grind
04-What the Problem Is
05-Money First
06-Young Soldier
07-We can Get It On
08-That's the Shit
09-Man Up
10-Them Your Gone
11-Got Cha'
12-Be a Gangsta
13-The Legacy Continues
14-Thug Brothers

Layzie Bone - New Revolution (2006)

02-Vote For Me
03-Mo Murder (with Big Sloan)
04-For My Weed Heads
05-Midwest-Westxoast Connection (with Mr. Criminal)
06-From The 99
07-For The Thugs That's Gone
08-Wanted To Be A Soldier (with Mr. Criminal/Mr. Silent)
09-Say Lady (with Mr. Capone-E)
11-I Get Higher
12-Streets (with Bizzy Bone)
13-Touchdown (with Mo Thugs)
14-These Hi Power Soldiers (with Mr. Capone-E)

J'ltisme - All In Tha West (2011)

02-Al Ouest feat. Dobe As, Rinnessy, Ya Boy et Black Ice
03-Coule Dans La Ville feat. Jess et Tizon Records
04-Menace 2 Society feat. Mc Eiht, Og Daddy
05-Rollin In The Night feat. Enois Scroggins
06-Independant Music feat. Og Daddy V, Espe et Dj Ozzir
07-C L'Orage feat. Flendo
08-Sunshine Sunshine feat. Sasha
09-G Mini Jee
11-Trokomplikelesfam feat. Greg Frite et Msj
12-A Ton Age
13-Under My Glasses feat. K9 et Tizon Records
14-Tray Show feat. Og Daddy V, Seno et Espe
15-Talk Fonk feat. DJ Ozzir, Espe et Aelpeacha
17-A Ton Screw "Prometh RMX" (Slowed N Throwed)
18-Ou Sont Passe Les Millions

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Point Blank - Mad At The World (1994)

02-Where Was Your Ass At
03-My Mind Went Blank
04-No One Can
05-One Way Out
06-Until It Hit Home
07-U Can't Gank The Blank
08-Thought U Was Down
09-Mad At The World
10-Forgive But I Don't Forget
11-Redd Zone
12-Show Me Some Luv
13-Hoes A Trip
14-Slipped Into A Coma

Point Blank - Prone to Bad Dreams (1992)

01-Point Blank
02-After I Die
03-Cut U N 1/2
04-Life Rep or Death
05-Straighten It Out
06-Knock dem Hoes out the Box
08-B***h Said I Raped Her
09-Prone to Bad Dreams
11-Nuttin A** B***H
12-86 Dope 86

MC Dice - Down For My Crown (1995)

02-Dice is back
04-All in
05-Growing up
06-Roberman II
07-E L P
08-Bring it back
09-Tear it up
10-Loaded Nigga
13-D M H O's
14-Special Man II
15-Lunatic 1
16-Nation Wide

Sunday, January 12, 2014

K.B. & Lil Flea Of Street Military - A Frightening Portrait Of The World In A Violent Time (1997)

03-Killaz on the Trigga
04-Could World
05-Witness da Rhyme
07-Get Paid
09-Jack Move
10-Blood and Tears
11-The Dope
12-Knock, Knock
13-Death At My Dore
14-Soldiers at War
15-End Of The World
16-It's All Over

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Furios D - All Niggas Ain't Black (1997)

01-All Niggas Ain't Black (Street Edit)
02-Who You laughing At
03-Temporary Insanity
04-Trying to Reach Ya Hommie
05-Summer Party
06-Life Ain't What It Used to Be
07-Players Get Lonely Too
08-'Lil Something for the Players!
09-Mama Don't Cry
10-Life is Like the Ghetto
11-Bide to Be
12-What's Wrong D
13-All Niggas Ain't Black (Radio Edit)

Bootleg - Death Before Dishonesty (1999)

01-Death Before Dishonesty
06-Fly Away
07-Que The Little Rapper Girl
08-We Gone Ride
09-Run For Cover
10-Bad Guy
11-If I Die
12-Sophisticated Thugs
13-No Future
16-Set Up

Friday, January 10, 2014

(V.A.) Lockdown Compilation (2000)

01-Totally Insane - Lockdown (feat. JoMo)
02-Derranged Lunatics - Let's Mobb 
03-2-Elleven - Ammunition
04-Louie Loc - Vacate
05-Bloody Mary, Alize, The Deffa Heffa - Cellmates 
06-Totally Insane, 2-Elleven - Bomb Threat (feat. Unda-P)
07-Tabb Doe, Big Mack, Mr.Luggz (2-11), Kalgon, Low Down, Ad Kapone (Totally Insane) - Payback  
08-San Quinn,Willie Henn - The Flossy Way
09-Big Mack - Bonafied Factor
10-U.N.L.V - Havin' Thangs 
11-Big Draz,T.C. - The Next NIgga (Skit) 
12-Tabb Doe, Redd - Misery 
13-Neva Legal - Lawless
14-Checkloot, Menace - Can't Win For Losin' 
15-Louie Loc, Sco-Loc, Hennesy (11-5), Baldhead (U.N.L.V) - Showcase 
16-2-Elleven - Nothin' But A Playa II 
17-2-Elleven, 11/5, E-40 - Premeditation 2000
18-A.D.R - Redrum 
19-Rappin'4-Tay, Sang, V.S., C-Beezy, Bone, Short - Ounce Of Game

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

(V.A.) 4080 Hip Hop Magazine: Compilation Album Vol.1 (Mobbin' Thru The Bay!) (1996)

01-Mac Mall - Cuddies
02-JT The Bigga Figga - State Penn
03-Double D / Seff Tha Gaffla - Shit Goes Down
04-Ironic / Pizzo - Murder Makes Mo Mail
05-Closed Caption - Buckslugs To Da Throat
06-Young Lay - N Dis Rap Game
07-N2DEEP / Dru Down / Stevie D. - California Lifestyles
08-The Delinquents - East Oakland, West Coast
09-Vell Bacardi / Conscious Daughters - Playa Shit (Remix)
10-11/5 - Keep It Real
11-Mac / A.K. - How I Let It Go
12-Cool-E - City Streets
13-187 FAC / Spice 1 / Coolio / Mac Dre - Spread Yo Hustle

(V.A.) 4080 Magazine Presents: The Compilation Vol.3 (The Twomp Sack)

01-Closed Caption - Industry Rule
02-Agerman & The Deffa Heffa - Where I Stay 
03-Taydatay & Fidel Castro - Weed Money
04-Big Lurch & Spook Thee Man - N--Ga Riches
05-Harm - Don'T Make Me
06-Cougnut, Baldhead Rick - Sky Blue Jungle 
07-31007 Da' Looie Crew - Gotta Have Another 
08-D.B.A. & Spice 1 - City Life
09-Pooh Man - F--- In With Dank (98 Version)
10- Ant D.O.G. And Ray Luv - On Scope 
11-Mr. Doctor - Joyride 
12-Land Of Da Lost - Moonlight  
13-Huneycomb Hideout - You Make Me Feel 
14-Triple Beam - Players Only 
15-Money B& Suga T - I Can'T Feel Ya 
16-Dru Down & MC Man - Show After Show
17-O.G. Herm - Bayluv